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February 15, 2012

A peek inside . . . . . . .

When I drive by an old, neglected house that's been lovingly and laboriously transformed into a charming home I want to stop the car, get out, ring the door bell, and ask the owners if I can have a tour. 

It takes a special, self-sacrificing person/couple to undertake an entire house renovation/restoration.  Yes, it would be easier to buy a spanking, brand-new house and move your treasures right in.  But, there are those rare people who commit themselves to restoring a faded beauty and bringing it back to it's former magnificence.  I appreciate their hard work more than I can express.

Here are photos of a Craftsman-style home in one of Houston's historic districts following its renovation.  I'm sorry there aren't any 'before' shots but we can still admire the 'after' pictures.

The house is a charming blend of traditional and contemporary decor.  Kudos to the young couple who put their energy, time, and money toward salvaging one of Texas' forgotten treasures.

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