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February 22, 2012

People, meet Kristine

One of the cutest, most entertaining blogs on the net is The Painted Hive.  The site is hosted by Kristine, the undisputed Queen of Restoration in Melbourne, Australia.  The Painted Hive features tons of Before and After projects along with photos and commentaries that appeals to the thrift in all of us.

Here are just a few of the many restorations she's posted:

BEFORE - tired, sad little cabinet:

AFTER - an almost unbelievable transformation:

Kristine transferred the template below onto the knobs:

BEFORE - the picture is a bit grainy but you can see
the ho-hum blandness of this telephone bench:

AFTER - how charming is the bench now?! 
It works so well at the foot of the bed.

BEFORE - we've all seen dressers like the one
below at thrift stores and yard sales:

AFTER - the laminate and wood were in
good enough condition that Kristine was able
to polish the dresser and add new pulls:

Before - this pine armoire was just waiting
for the right buyer with vision:

AFTER - beautiful, right?!

BEFORE - here's a photo of Kristine's bedroom:

AFTER - what an amazing difference.
Notice her newly renovated pine armoise?!

BEFORE - a dull, ordinary table:

AFTER - yes, it's the same table
but now it's a serving cart:

Look at the surprise on top - sheet music!

Too charming!

BEFORE - this vanity was in sore need of salvation:

AFTER - so darling!

Do you prefer the vanity with the mirror or without?

BEFORE - how many times have we all walked
right past an almost-tacky painting without
considering the beautiful frame?

AFTER - look at the frame now holding
a vintage lithograph of Paris:

BEFORE - I'm still undecided about
the fate of this precious little table:

AFTER - it does look charming:

BEFORE - a previous owner had painted this
cabinet white but it still needed Kristine's touch:

AFTER - the cabinet is so much more appealing
with Kristine's "distressing" techniques:

 BEFORE - Kristine sanded the top of
the table below due to the excellent
condition of the wood:

AFTER - the painted legs and frame of
the table make the stained top POP:

BEFORE - ordinary (i.e. boring) coffee table:

AFTER - perfect for a beach house or cottage:

Be sure to stop by The Painted Hive and take a look at
some of Kristine's other projects.  She's one talented Aussie!

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