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February 16, 2012

Are you a member of IHWAS?

As the founder of IHWAS (Imagination and Hard Work Appreciation Society), I welcome new members who truly laud, admire and honor those who have the ability to transform the dumpiest of dumps; the trashiest of trash heaps; the salvagers of the unsalvageable.

The Howell Custom Building Group of Massachusetts is one of those firms with vision that enjoys the challenge of restoring the seemingly unrestorable.  Join me on a pictorial tour of one of their latest projects - the renovation of a sad little 800 sq.ft. fishing shack on the beach at Rockport, MA.

BEFORE  The cottage's front entrance was positioned all wrong.   The front door didn't face the beach:

AFTER   By repositioning the entryway, the new front of the house now faces the shore:

BEFORE  How sad is this kitchen?  Yea, pretty sad:

AFTER   Compact, clean, crisp and completely adorable:

BEFORE - two shots of the long, skinny living area:

After   Truly, a sow's ear is now a silk purse!

Due to zoning restrictions, the Howell Group wasn't allowed to add on to the dwelling.  But, removing the ceiling opened up the space for more room and wonderful possibilities.  LOVE the darling crow's nest:

BEFORE   The owners thought that the rock fireplace had potential:

AFTER    Boy, were they right:

BEFORE   The two small bedrooms received makeovers, too:
AFTER    Tiny but terrific:
If you're fortunate enough to be in a position to purchase a little getaway, consider purchasing a cottage that you might have discounted due to its condition.  This re-do proves that there are gems in the rough that are worth a second look.

Special thanks to Howell Custom Building Group and photographer Eric Roth.

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