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February 3, 2012

Repurposeful Friday

It's been quite a while since we've seen photos of ingenious repurposing.  Here are few interesting ideas that just might catch on:

 Make a 3-sided square out of PVC pipe.

Sew a 'sleeve' to cover it - instant headboard! 
 Simply change the 'sleeve' and you've changed the look of your bedroom.

I've featured lots of photos of repurposed vintage suitcases:

Little Miss Lily loves her traveling bed! 

Another great use of a vintage radio - a speaker for your iPod!

Thrifts offer old 78 records for $1 each.  What a clever idea for a wall clock! 

 Can you guess what this repurposing is all about?  Yes, they  used
 Scrabble tile trays for book shelves in their nursery.  Darling idea!

Sorry that today's post is so short.  I'm packed and leaving for the airport to fly to Minnesota for the grandtwins' first birthday.  I know -  how has the year passed so quickly?!  I'll make a concerted effort to post from the north tundra but no guarantees.  It's too much fun playing with babies!

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