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February 17, 2012

If I won the Lottery . . . . . .

the first thing I would do is pave the 'spill-over' parking lot at church.  (When our two main parking lots are full, latecomers have to park in a sandy, weedy lot.)  Of course, the second thing I would do with my winnings is take care of family and friends.

The third thing I would do with a windfall is hire an amazing decorator who 'gets' me.  It's always been a puzzlement why wealthy people live in tacky houses when they have the means to hire the greatest, most tasteful designers on the planet.

With that statement in mind, let's take a tour of the recently revealed home of pop star Christina Aguilera:


I totally get the fact that rock stars have to hang on to a youthful image.  Having a home featured in Traditional Home magazine probably wouldn't help their reputation with teenage concert ticket buyers.  Throw in the rebellious rock attitude and you pretty much can expect to get the mess that is pictured above.

Christina Aguilera was raised in poverty by a single mom and, bless her heart, she's worked very hard for what she has.  Even though her taste is definitely not mine, I say, "Enjoy your crib, girlfriend.  You've earned it."

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