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December 1, 2015

Thank goodness Cyber Monday is over.  I could hardly afford to save so much!

We all have someone on our gift list who is impossible to shop
for - they have everything they need.  Today I'm going to offer a
few suggestions for that hard-to-gift relative or friend.

Squirrel resistant bird feeder:
 Even a scrooge will get hours of enjoyment
watching the squirrels trying to defy gravity!

Feeding Perch for the Squirrels:
A cute little Adirondack chair is just what
our furry friends need this winter.

Household Tool Kit:
This gift be used regularly for years to come and
the recipient will remember it was from you.

Selfie Fun Kit:
The 8 to 13 year old crowd is so hard to buy
for - they'll love this gift and it's only $20!

 Spa gift basket under $20:

Scented candles, bath salts, a scrunchy, throw in a soothing
Yanni cd and you're The Queen of Gift Giving.

For the coffee lover in your life:
You had me at biscotti.

Self-stirring coffee mug:
Actually, this isn't as silly as it seems.  The stainless steel
mug intermittently stirs the coffee (or tea) to keep it fresher.

Paris In A Box:
Isn't this an adorable idea?!  If someone on your list
is about to take a trip, personalize their gift with their
destination.  The french bread cracks me up.

These gifts show a variety of baskets and ideas:

Manicure Kit:
This is a great teen gift and one they'll really use.

Actually, you can 'wrap' just about any theme in a jar:
Men who enjoy cooking will appreciate this gift,
too.  (Include one of grandma's secret recipes!)

Lego ice cube trays:

Teeth ball for a dog owner:
Admit it.  You laughed.

And my absolute FAVORITE unusual gift:
A paper towel holder with 4 USB ports!  Genius
and under $50.  Click here for more details.

Well, today is December 1st so you can't lolly gag as my
grandmother use to say.  I hope that these ideas will
help you find that hard-to-shop-for gift.


  1. OK I will admit it. I did laugh and then shouted my husband and laughed again. FUNNY!!!!!

  2. I just sent my best friend the mug and dog ball. Perfect gifts.
    I only have a few non family gifts to give.
    To the friend my age if we can't eat it, drink it or smell it we don't buy it.
    Small is good.
    The paper towel holder is pretty great.
    And I did giggle at the dog ball.

    cheers, parsnip

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