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November 30, 2015

The Word of the Day:  Repurposefulness

Specifically, Christmas Repurposefulness.  Some
of today's upcycled ideas are simply adorable.

A commercial pallet, stencils and paint are all
you need to make this mantel decoration.

Here's another holiday pallet repurposing idea:

Vintage Christmas ornaments were hung in the
shape of a tree on an old screen window:

A coil of industrial wire is about all
you need to make this tree:

Old tires were spray painted white to create a durable snowman:

There's a lot of vintage repurposing going on in this photo:

A metal display stand was used to make
this adorable countdown to Christmas:
Click here for the step-by-step tutorial.

Keep this project in mind the next time you run
across a small fish bowl at a thrift shop:

Isn't this a sweet use for old jars?

Stop by the Dollar Tree to make these cute crafts:

Alphabet blocks are great for Christmas crafts:

Vintage silver-plate flatware make beautiful ornaments:

Old bed springs and balls of twine were
used to make this rustic tree:

Don't you love this string snowman family?

Stacked soda crates give a small tree a big presence:

If you have any Thanksgiving pumpkins
left, get out the spray paint:

Did you know that today is National Stay Home Well From Work Day?
And, it's also Cyber Monday.  Hmmm . . . . . coincidence?  I think not!


  1. Impressive makes, I love the button picture. I am off into the craft room to get out the buttons...