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November 13, 2015

Thank goodness it's Friday - what a week!

Today's Before and After subject isn't very exciting
but we'd all be hard pressed to live without it:  Concrete!

Weather and wear-and-tear take their toll on concrete driveways,
steps and walkways.  Repairing damaged concrete can increase
curb appeal and keep your property safe from accidents. 

Before              After
Concrete resurfacing completely changed the appearance of this driveway.

Before and after photos of a walkway were overlaid for comparison:
I know!

The inset photo shows the crumbling and cracked driveway:
Resurfacing took 20 years off the appearance of the house.

Cracked concrete steps are a safety hazard
as shown in the inset photo, right:

These back steps were a catastrophe waiting to happen:
 The patio work is still in progress but you
can see how much safer the steps are:

Before                        After


This damaged patio was not fit for entertaining:

What an improvement on this patio:


Driveways, exterior steps, sidewalks and walkways are elements
of our property that we often take for granted.  Take an inventory
of your concrete work this weekend to see if there might be needed
repairs to keep your home safe and appealing.

I don't care if it IS Friday, the 13th - let's do the Friday dance!

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