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November 20, 2015

I'm about to open a HUGE can of worms with this
Before and After Friday post but here goes -

Painted Brick!
(You just gasped, didn't you?)

I know, I know.  Painting brick is a major decision, one that can
impact your home for decades.  And not one that's easily reversed.

The traditional Atlanta home, above, was beautiful before
but now looks more like a French chalet.

Dated rancher, before:
 Sophisticated rancher, after:

You have to admit that this house looks so much
more contemporary after the brick was painted:
Here it is from another angle:


70's rancher, before:
 70's rancher, after:

It's hard to believe that these two photos are of the same house:

The combination of paint and shutters
gives this home a whole new look:

This renovation is quite amazing:

Not gonna' lie - this brick is just not pretty:
Yet, another reason to paint it!

Painting brick makes it stand out from all of
the other brick homes in the neighborhood:

This little cottage . . . . 
 . . . . has so much more character now:

Yes, I've featured this makeover before but today I want you to specifically
notice that painting the siding and the brick is more unifying:


Here are a few more examples of how
paint unifies brick and siding:


Call me silly but I think this house
looks grander after it was painted:

This house was sort of painted (it was lime
washed) and the results are stunning:

I wish I had photos of the entire house but just from the
shot of the garage you can see how much more interesting
this brick house is after being painted:

The Curb Appeal went through the roof with this transformation:

Our old brick house was painted when we purchased it but I loved
painted brick homes even before we bought it.  I'm probably not going
to convert you to painted brick in one post but maybe I persuaded
you to think about it?  

Have a great weekend, friends, and good luck
picking out a turkey for next Thursday!


  1. Still not sure, I agree some can look better painted than others. It takes a lot of work to keep them looking in pristine condition too I would think. Have a great thanksgiving.

  2. My favorite is the lime washed.. Looks beautiful

  3. I have no problem with painting brick on the OUTSIDE of a house! But I must confess, I absolutely cringe when someone suggests painting a brick fireplace! NO NO NO!.Exposed brick walls inside a dwelling make a statement, offer contrast, provide an earthy element that brings the outdoors inside. A hearth, with a fire, should be natural whether it is brick or stone-natural. Just my humble opinion.

  4. Great examples of when to paint brick! The 70's rancher is my favorite.

  5. You're right, some/many/all of these are dramatically better!

  6. I absolutely love the last ranch with the light mint door, but can't tell what the brick color is. A light gray with medium gray shutters? If anyone knows these paint names/colors, please let me know!

  7. What paint finish (flat, eggshell, semi gloss, gloss) do you use ?