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January 5, 2015

Welcome to another Repurposeful Monday.
Today's photos are a miscellaneous mismash of ingenious ideas.

Isn't this a beautifully romantic look?
 A portion of an antique hand-stitched
table runner is being used as a scarf.

Your eyes aren't deceiving you:

A doily was imprinted into cookie dough
before baking to make a lovely pattern.

Thrift store china plates and cups can be
used to make bird feeders or serving pieces.

A rough crate adds such charm to even the most elegant of kitchens.

The next time you host an informal buffet place the
napkin and utensils in a Mason jar that each guest
can use for their drink.

You might never look at a vintage stove the same way again:

A Seinfeld diorama was constructed
inside an old television cabinet:
Gosh, I miss the 90s.

Bears From Chairs are stuffed bears made from the
upholstery of old chairs and sofas.  They're ingeniously
displayed on the metal frames of old lamps.
Such wonderful repurposing!

My first thought after viewing this bottle cap
floor was, "Wow!  That's a lot of beer!"

 Old keys were glued together around a balloon.  After
the balloon was popped - BAM! an intriguing key orb.

This scorpion yard art sculpture was made out of old tools:

The father of a hockey player made a unique
coffee table out of his son's sticks:
 So sweet!

Thought of the Day:

Pretty fair trade.