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January 13, 2015

House for Sale FREE!!

What?  A house for free?!

That's right.  These houses are just a few of the hundreds
across the country that are free to anyone who will move them.
This adorable bungalow started life as a Sears kit in 1926.  Located
in the historic district of Arlington, Virginia, the owners are willing
to give it to someone who will move it to a new location.
The house is in fabulous condition and is a great candidate for
relocation.  Visit the Preservation Arlington site if you or someone
you know might be interested in adopting this precious cottage.

Moving a house is no small feat but the cost
of a lot and relocation is worth the effort. 

Anyone interested in a FREE historic farmhouse
in Pitt County, North Carolina?

If you're willing to move this old beauty you can have it.

With over 4,300 sq. ft., this farm house could easily accommodate
a large family or would make a perfect Bed and Breakfast.  For
more information visit Preservation North Carolina.

You'll need to read the instruction manual on how to reassemble this old
house because it's sitting in pieces on a truck bed in Garland, Texas:
The Queen Anne style house has been featured on This Old House
and is available for free to anyone willing to rebuild it on a new
lot.  Click here for more information.

Sadly, this Queen Anne style house, built in Nashville in 1885,
was demolished before a new owner came forward:
Historic Nashville, Inc., offered this darling historic home for
over a year but couldn't find anyone interested in moving it.

The City of Detroit is offering some amazing incentives to revitalize
their historic district which contains hundreds of abandoned homes:

 One of the city's programs offers $150,000 in renovation money with
only $1,000 down to any police officer willing to relocate to the city.

  Another Detroit program gives college graduates $2,500 to rent
a renovated house or a $20,000 forgivable loan to someone
willing to accept one of the abandoned houses.

The satisfaction of saving an old house from
demolition must be very rewarding.

If you know someone who is interested in an alternative way to
own a house, tell them to look into houses in their area that
need to be moved.  They might end up getting a house for free.


  1. Wow, that is amazing, I didn't know that you could move a house truly unbelieveable.

  2. How interesting! A great post. Jx

  3. These are such awesome programs! Thanks for sharing them. I had no idea how many do this.

  4. I would like to own and live in any one of those old homes. Our neighbor lives in an old home that was moved here and placed on her 13 acres of land.

  5. If only I could I certainly would! These are beautiful homes. I do know there are a lot of these offers in the south.

  6. The tiny 5th one from the bottom is so sweet.
    Just needs some one to love it again.

    cheers, parsnip

  7. I love the first bungalow, so adorable. My husband's cousins home from Seattle was moved to San Juan Islands and was featured in HGTV awhile ago.

  8. I've seen some big ones get moved. Didn't know there were some available for free.