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January 21, 2015

Free is great, right?

Did you know that Craigslist has a free section under the 'For Sale' category?

Here are just a very, very few items in my area that are
free if you'll pick them up.  (Animals not included!)

Remember yesterday's post on ways
to display quilts?!

Imagine what could be made out of these arcade poker cabinets:

 Seriously, if you're willing to move it,
this hot tub is yours for free.

 This 1960's French Provincial china cabinet has potential.

If you know anyone that's getting ready to move
tell them to look on Craigslist for free boxes.

Jillions of packing peanuts are free for the taking:

 If you're willing to dismantle this play set, it's yours.

Free chicken coop!

 This Spring look for free Canna bulbs.

How 'bout a free 4 ft. banana tree?

 In my town there's a Target toy box, minus the lid, just for picking it up.

And a homeowner will give all of this furniture
to anyone who will come by and get it:

A commercial wall mount display rack, anyone?

A local business is giving away these large wood crates:

What a cool vintage bathroom sink:
Best of all, it's free!

Well, you've seen what's available in my area for free.  Check out 
Craigslist in your town to see what's free if you'll pick it up.


  1. I think the stationary bike was mine at one time and has traveled all around the country.
    Now it's ended up on your blog! haha

  2. We have a very similar thing here in the UK freecycle. Its amazing what you can find on it.

  3. I commend them. Those who are giving and those who are taking them to use.