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January 12, 2015

Repurposing is so satisfying and a lot of fun, too.
 Old skateboards were sanded and painted
to make a charming piece of wall art.

A vintage coffee urn was turned into a retro lamp:

It seems that just about anything can be used as a lamp.  

A teapot was hung in a drawer to make the perfect bird house:

Not too long ago I saw a $1 Bundt pan at my
favorite thrift shop.  Now I wish I had bought it.

Don't throw broken plates away - reuse them as garden edging.

Combine an old chandelier base with vintage
saucers to make a precious serving piece:
Click here for the pictorial tutorial.  

Jazz up your bathroom vanity cabinets by
creating pulls out of old jewelry:

Notice anything unusual about these adorable necklaces?
The pendant slides are metal clothespin clamps!

Save your Tic Tac containers and use
them to make a special message:

What family of young children doesn't have broken
crayons laying around?  Turn them into custom candles!

It's so simple:
1) remove the wrappers from the broken crayons
2)  melt the crayons separately in clean old containers you no longer use
3)  suspend a candle wick in the jar and pour in the melted crayons

We've all seen some really cute ideas for repurposing
baby cribs.  This is one of the best:
What a great way to 'store' fabric in a craft room.

In the past I've posted photos of pianos that had been turned into bars but
those had been gutted (like the one above.)  This homeowners left the 'works' intact:

Who hasn't accidentally broken off the stem of a wine
glass?  Don't throw them away - stick the glass into a
patio planter and turn them into votive holders. 

Here's another darling idea for tea lights:

Am I the only one who feels sad to see old vinyl records
lying around unsold in thrift shops?  Not many people
want them so they're still fairly plentiful.

How 'bout turning them into funky book ends?  Here's how:
CAREFULLY pour boiling water into your sink.  Dip
half of the record into the water until it feels soft.

Immediately after pulling the record out of the sink press it at a 90 degree
angle on the counter, bending the record about 2/3's of the way down. 

After the record cools and is stiff, trace it on a piece of felt.  Cut the felt
into a semi-circle pattern and glue it to the bottom of the record.

Voile!  Book ends!

Here's another cute idea for reusing records:

 Young children love to receive mail.  A smart mom
painted a mailbox with her daughter's name on it and
hung it by her bedroom door.  Mom puts the junk
mail she receives into her daughter's mailbox.

An executive at Legos imprints his information on
company figurines and uses them as business cards:

An ingenious young graduate turned his resume into a
candy bar wrapper and mailed them to marketing companies.
He was hired by one of them.  What a sweet story!

After a father passed away his wife made
pillows out of a few of his shirts for his sons: 

Here's a photo from another crafter who
also turned shirts into pillows:

Spent bullet shells are being as checkers.

 I absolutely love this Industrial Chic idea:
An old Massey-Ferguson tractor hood was
used to make this clever kitchen counter.
It's my favorite repurposing of the day.
Which one is yours?


  1. I love everything you shared on this post! I especially love the skateboard art.

  2. Skateboard art work is nifty and tea pot / bird house are very cute.

  3. They are all really cool ideas, but I chose the easiest one as my favorite...the tea pot birdhouse. I am going to make a couple of them for this spring when the birds are hunting for a place to raise their babies!

  4. I liked the mailbox idea.

    cheers, parsnip

  5. Teapot bird house and the bird feeder bundt pan were my favorites today.