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January 29, 2015

Seriously?  Decor of the 1970s is going to make a comeback?

Can you spot the refrigerator in this kitchen:

,My parents had a velour bedspread.  It was so soft and cuddly.

Occasionally you can find older houses listed
for sale that still have wall with glass squares:

Scandinavian inspired fireplaces were big in the 70s.

Is it me or does this fireplace resemble Darth Vader?

Regardless of how you feel about 1970s decor, you
have to admit that it was definitely colorful and bold.


  1. Well, they say what goes around, comes around! As much as I love color, I think I can pass on this decor! Thanks for the memories!
    Have a great weekend, Jan.

  2. Some things should stay dead...70s decor is one of them. Hated it then and sure don't like it now. LOL on Darth!

  3. Yes, definitely a Darth Vader. I don't think I like any of these.

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