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August 29, 2014

What fun to end the week with a Before & After Friday.  Today's
post features a mix of furniture, front porches, and fabulous rehabs.

 As much as I love natural wood:
. . . . this after table really is adorable:

The laminate on this high boy
was damaged in several spots:

So, why not paint it?
I get where they were going with the paint
treatment but it's a tad bright for my taste.

Do you prefer the painted hutch to the wood finish?

This affordable Craigslist dresser was
a great beginner's painting project: 

Oh, dear.  This dresser was quite dreadful:

Adorable now, isn't it?

Two 'unrelated' thrift store pieces were brought
together with a little paint.  Darling.

Here is another example of combining two different
style pieces to make a fabulous new treasure:

Paint and upholstery gave this $10
chair an extended, useful life:

I adore this faux French Provencial vanity makeover:
Decor Hacks

Thrift stores are literally teeming with outdated
armoires and entertainment cabinets:
Vintage Key Antiques

Enough great furniture fixes.  Let's take a look at some larger projects.

This breakfast nook had potential but was too dark:
What a difference a coat of white paint can make!

Look how inviting this porch is now:

This sweet cottage upped its cuteness factor:

The front of this house definitely needed an enhancement:

And, boy, was it beautifully enhanced!
Wish they could relocate the satellite dish : (

Your eyes aren't deceiving you.
It is the same house in both photos:
Completely amazing renovation.

Did you know that the State of Washington awards
grants for the restoration of historic barns?

Unbelievable.  Simply unbelievable.

I hope you enjoyed today's Before & After projects
and were inspired to take on a project of your own.

Just remember -


  1. I love all the transformations...the favorite this time is the kelly green vanity ♥♥♥.

  2. You are so right about great stuff in thrift stores. I was glad to see the lovely hardware retained in some of the projects. The kelly green was my favourite too.

  3. Amazing post, some really great paint jobs, amazing what a can of paint can do....

  4. Your posts are always inspirational Just need some space.

  5. I sometimes read your posts last because it I know it will be just so much fun !

    cheers, parsnip