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August 28, 2014

It happened.  Yes, it did.  The family
spent the day at the Minnesota State Fair!

What was the most fun?

It wasn't about the food . . . . . . 

Pronto Pup corn dogs have been served at the fair every
year since 1947.  Tradition is a beautiful thing.

Okay, maybe it was about the food a little bit . . . . . 

It wasn't about the rides . . . . . . . 

. . . . . well, maybe it was about
the rides a little bit . . . . 

 It wasn't about the farm animals . . . . . . 

. . . although, they were amazing:

From the back this chicken looks like a bunny:

And, from the front, she looks like a poodle!

We tossed this handsome fellow some
corn and he looked at it suspiciously.

Darn, we came on the wrong day.  Wish
we could be there Friday morning!

It is kind of mean to have the Turkey to Go
food booth outside the poultry barn.

The Butterfly House was enchanting.

And, at last, we found our way to the Fine Arts Exhibits.

 Beautiful paintings

 A welded Spider Chair

Contemporary 'sculpture' - looks like
a key suspended in honey to me.

 A hand blown glass skate board

Mixed Media:

Gorgeous carving 

Bet you can't tell me what this is:

 A contemporary ash tray!
(Yeah, I couldn't tell, either.)

There were other one-of-a-kind creations that stumped us:

 A beautiful handmade hat comprised of feathers
created by Jean Hawton of Redwood Falls, MN.
(In a glass case because it was too delicate to touch.)

Emily Taylor's framed original painting won the competition
for the official 2014 Minnesota State Fair Commemorative
Poster.  The photo really does not do it justice.

So, what WAS the highlight of the fair?

Why, the Funnel Cakes, of course!


  1. That made me smile and kept me enthralled.

  2. LOL I have a friend who always has to have a funnel cake first , our parish even has to have a funnel cake booth at our fairs .
    I love a state fair your pictures makes me home sick to go

  3. This looks like a really fun day out for everyone, I haven't been to a big fair for about 30 years or more. oh dear. But you will have to explain to me, what is a funnel cake?


  4. Oh yea, the funnel cakes! I love state fairs and this one looks like a grand one! Love the graphics on the food booths (I've never had a fried pickle), the chickens, the art, and the sweet little princess and her prince :) xo Karen

  5. Being a farmer's daughter I always go through the barns and do my own judging. I also go to the quilting section, I'm sewing challenged so the skill and artistry blow me away. Next time I'm going to wear my princess outfit, so cool.