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August 13, 2014

It's not often that I'm perplexed by a potential purchase but
I'm honestly having a hard time deciding on a display case.  

You see, one of my fervent passions is antique china painting and I've collected miscellaneous patterns and pieces for years.  It's time for a larger case in which to house them which means I'm display case shopping.

A big purchase is a big decision.  There are so many style options - antique, traditional, Mid-Century Modern, rustic, industrial chic - my head is spinning.

I have visions of cases like those in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo.  

(Okay, snap back to reality.)

This reproduction case is too delicate:
And, too new.

Art Deco cases feature interesting laminate, but, no.

I adore cases like those found in old country stores:

But, they're often a little too . . . ummm . . . boxy?

Specialty commercial cases are beautiful but very rare:
Oh, my, how gorgeous.

The Bella Cottage
Industrial chic pieces made from reclaimed wood are
interesting and unique but aren't quite a fit for my decor.

I've considered buying a china cabinet . . . . . .

I love the shape but this vintage department store
case has too much glass and not enough wood.

Technically, this Mid-Century Modern case is
actually referred to as a room divider.  So close.

Perfect!  Now the only questions is - where do I find one?


  1. I have no idea, but if you find one In England let me know its stunning.

  2. Oh my I use to find those at auctions all the time in the late 80's early 90's and they were pricey back them.
    I would say look in a small town in Kentucky or southern Missouri and you will find one.
    I know an antique shop in Louisiana Missouri who uses hers in her shop Katie's Attic

  3. Good luck with the search. I could do with a new cabinet to house things I have got put away in boxes - a shame really. But where would I put it??


  4. It looks wonderful, but if I had money I would buy the first it's stunning!