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August 19, 2014

Well, this is awkward . . . . . 

. . . . . space, that is!  How do you decorate
an unusually structured area in your home?

Unless you're a giant this charming little window is too high on the wall.  The owners camouflaged the height discrepancy by hanging different size portraits underneath it.

Under-the-stairs space is not only awkward, it's
often under-used.  Consider these solutions:

Room Envy

It's hard to believe but these are actually steps down
to a basement.  What an ingenious use of space.

Austin Architect
A compact and efficient office was located under stairs.

Do you have a nook off the kitchen that's
too small for a 'normal' table and chairs?
I love how they dressed it up by wallpapering the ceiling, adding a small chandelier and hanging an antique oil portrait.

 Very old houses are prone to offer unusual little crannies that are interesting but are also a challenge to decorate. 

Don't hesitate to dress up the stair landing.

The Inspired Room
Sloped ceilings definitely present a unique challenge when it comes to decorating.  These homeowners chose to panel their ceiling which added a cozy element to the room.

By positioning the bed at an angle the
homeowners didn't have to block the window.

Custom cabinets beneath a sloped ceiling makes
use of what could have been an unusable area.

Odi et Amo
What a perfect spot for shelves.

A small kitchen needed extra room for the refrigerator.  The solution?  The closet pantry doors were removed, a cabinet and counter area were added, the refrigerator was moved into the closet and shelves were added.  Genius!

Even the tiniest of spaces can often
accommodate a guest bathroom:


Seriously, wow.

This might possibly be the tiniest bathroom in the history of The Lou:


Don't be intimidated by awkward spaces.
Look at them from a different point of view.
You'll be surprised at the results!


  1. Your last picture really made me smile, no laugh, in fact I am still laughing. Another amazing post.

  2. oh my gosh it's all so beautiful and they have Toile de Jouy, my favourite material I love the cat, I have three I've seen them in impossible position ah gosh all so beautiful thank you !

  3. oh i forgot to mention the bathtub oh my they don't make them like that at least not in my apt..oh imgaine the smell of the bubble bath and leaning your head against that wonderful curve maybe I'd sleep again :)

  4. oh and thank you very much for the link on apartments, it really helps, thank you

  5. Catching up on your post.
    Love the climbing towers !
    Want the small bath with the slope roof.

    cheers, parsnip