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August 7, 2014

I thought of a fun party game - pass around vintage
black and white photos and have everyone make up a caption.

He's thinking, "I wonder if I'll get lucky and catch a glimpse of her ankle."
She's thinking, "What idiot takes a girl out in this weather?  He hasn't even noticed we're the only ones on the Boardwalk."

Gertrude and Mabel decided to try their luck in Alaska.

Vintage Everyday
Lighting up - the perfect ending to a strenuous game.

"But, Mother, you told Dad that we were going to the groomer's."

 The truly astonishing thing is that Mrs. Pettifour's wrap is a live fox.

 Even though her older brothers cancelled, Agatha was
not deterred from having her tea party in the nursery.

Lady Dalrumple-Shedsalot and Sir Jowlshakes
did not find the flea circus amusing.

Etsy Source
The day the Steno Pool brought traffic to a stop on Wall Street

'Bar Fly' in training

Widow McFlintslap's plea of self defense
fell on the deaf ears of the all-male jury.
Sentencing is scheduled for next week.

Decline of Our Society: the dress code at Tractor
Pulls was so much classier back in the day

The moment the Red Hat Club was created.

Or:  Agnes, left, was the smarter of the two.
She held her hat between her knees.

 Life had such embarrassing moments before
the invention of Restraining Orders.

Elaine Benes, below, of Seinfeld, went on
and found a rare photo of her parents, above.

Okay, you get the idea.  The next time you're at a flea market take time to
browse through the bargain bin of vintage photos and plan your next party!


  1. What a good idea. These are so funny. Your posts are amazing! I enjoy your blog!

    1. You're so sweet and thanks for stopping in. fleaChic is my daily writing exercise and I just try to have fun with it.

  2. Would make a really brilliant party game. Such a great idea.

    1. The sillier the picture, the more fun it will be to create captions. Maybe I should contact Milton Bradley with my idea . . . . . . . .

  3. I love your idea...and the old black and white prints. What fun.


    1. Wonder what future generations will be saying that about our present day photos?! Old black and whites are fascinating to me - a frozen moment in time.

  4. This is such fun, you make me want to run to a store for something chic and old, but his month I have only money left for medicine for my cat and me oh well, oh and my car....geesh oh well there' always next month, plus I found a catalogue from Sears Roebuck 1900 spring edition one Norman Rockwell and the stangest photo printed twice on a cardboard about 5 inches long of a child and her guardian angel, from \keystone View Company copyright 1895, that's actually scary, oh but \i love them