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August 8, 2014

Welcome to another Before and After Friday.  Isn't it
fascinating to see the rewards of others' hard work?

We're going to hop up to Lewiston, Maine, to visit the
Brettuns Village Trunk Shop and view - what else?!
Restored Trunks!

One reason that there aren't many antique and vintage trunks
available is that most were used until they literally fell apart.

Before                                                           After
In the hands of a professional restorer trunks
that seem beyond hope can often be saved.

From this . . . . . . 

to this . . . . . . . 

This antique Duluth Cabin Trunk certainly
showed its history of travels:

Just look at it now:
So handsome!

This pre-Civil War trunk was lined with newspaper from 1868: 

It's hard to believe that the wood
was so well preserved:

A very rare angle-top or hip trunk made by M.M. Secors:

We're privileged to see a horse hide covered trunk, with the
original brass tacks, that was made in Boston in 1803: 

What a beautiful restoration:

Referred to as Monitor Trunks, most were
covered in tin or other lightweight metal:

Sadly, the metal couldn't be salvaged
but the wood was still in tact:

The wonderful craftsmen at the Brettuns Village Trunk Shop do their best
to preserve as much of the original trunk as possible, especially the hardware.

And the shop has an array of trunks for sale:

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their site for how-to instructions on restoring your own trunk. 

I hope you enjoyed today's quick trip to Maine and the Brettun Village Trunk Shop.  The next time you run across an old trunk don't discount it just because of the condition.  It might just be an heirloom waiting to be restored.


  1. We have a local lady who does this. However the makeover is over $500. I know I couldn't do this. I'm too thrifty or cheap!

  2. wow it is amazing what can be done but some pieces are so old and yes so attractive i'd hesitate to change them at all, but i have to admit those you've shown looked like they were on their last legs and then some