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June 16, 2014

Today's Repurposeful Monday is all about the most plentiful,
least expensive, readily available, and completely versatile decorating
tools we have at our disposal - books!
 Isn't this chest utterly adorable?  Decoupage paperback
or hard bound jacket covers onto the drawers to make
a truly unique piece of furniture.  Yup, adorable. 

A craft store birdhouse was covered with pages from a story book.

Glow Décor
Another novel idea - using book pages
as screens in a contemporary lamp.

Comfort Tree
Brilliant lamp idea!

Muy Molon
Use a book to camouflage a sewing kit.

Style Caster recently featured some ingenious
ways to repurpose and decorate with books:

Frame your children's favorite books if they have extra copies.


Spines of books adhered to a box make
an excellent secret space for valuables. 

A large circular drill bit was used to carve out
circles to hold tins filled with office supplies.
One of the best ways to accentuate special items
is to elevate them.  Books are great for that:

 Click here to view additional ideas from Style Caster.

cute, Cute, CUTE:


What a clever party game idea!  Buy a thrift store book,
tear out the pages, hand them out to the guests along with
pens and markers.  Have everyone create a poem or sentence
for the occasion.  Great for a baby shower, too!

Speaking of baby showers - create your own
decorations with pages from a story book.
Collecting Feathers

Knick of Time Interiors
Make your own wall art.  Here is a YouTube video on how
to 'age' paper plus you can find many other techniques online.

Looking for an ingenious idea for a bridal shower?
Buy (at a thrift store, of course!) an old romance novel to make
origami bridesmaid dresses.  These also make great bookmark favors.

What a great gift idea.  You can customize
the books for the recipient's interests.

STC Crafts
Well, it's time to wrap up this Monday's repurposing post.
I hope you enjoyed these unusual ideas for upcycling books.


  1. What a super fun and interesting post today !

    cheers, parsnip

    1. Thanks! I'm always amazed at the versatility of books - they're just not for reading any more! And they're so inexpensive at thrift shops.

  2. I have just gotten some Christmas gift ideas!

    1. This 'batch' of repurposeful photos is really inspiring, isn't it? I love the story book bird houses but they're all great ideas.