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June 4, 2014

Are there many of us who are fascinated
by unusual and rare collectibles?  Yes!

Specimens of Needle Work Executed in the Female Model School,
a needlework instruction book with actual samples included,
was printed by George Folds in Ireland.  The inside cover
is inscribed "Sarah Darby, 1837."   Recently a book similar
to this one sold at auction for almost $2,000. 

Poetry books in miniature were Victorian favorites and are
wildly popular with collectors today.  A debonair young man
never knew when he'd have the opportunity to impress a young
lady so he'd keep a pocketful of sonnets at his disposal.

 Folk art memory jugs are a collector's idea of Heaven on Earth.
Composed of items and trinkets from every day life, these personal
sculptures tell a story of their creators and are some of the hardest
historical memorabilia to find.


Click here to read the brilliant post (ha!) that
I wrote in 2012 on memory jugs.  They're even
more fascinating today and still as scarce. 

Would the manufacturer of this roll of antique toilet
paper ever believe that it would sell for $75?!

 Primitive and antique medical equipment
is not only absorbing, it's educational.

Antique crockery is a popular collectible but many enthusiasts concentrate
on a specific type of earthenware or manufacturer.  The more exotic or
colorful, the more popular and expensive it is.

Interested in acquiring a gold and
jewel-encrusted Ethiopian caterpillar?
Created in 1820, this exotic insect sold at Sotheby's
last year for $467,000.  That's a serious entomologist.

Antique and Strange
The Gilbert U-238 Atomic Energy Lab was sold in 1950 and allowed
children to conduct simple experiments with radioactive materials.
Not surprisingly, the toy was pulled from the market within a year.

After the kinks and glitches of photography had been
worked out 19th Century photographers began having
fun with their new fangled invention. 
And we thought Photoshop was our generation's discovery.

The linen jacket, above, was made by Agnes Richter, a
seamstress and patient in an Austrian asylum during the
late 1800’s. She constructed the jacket from cloth typically used
in the institution and embroidered her story onto the jacket.

A rare and unusual “Femme Fatale” ring pistol, originates
from19th century France, sold at auction for $11,350.


Not gonna lie - these cases of antique
prosthetic eyeballs kind of creep me out.
Demand for vintage vending machines continues to rise;
the more exotic and unusual, the more popular.

The Culture Trip
The more famous or infamous the celebrity, the more in
demand a piece of their hair.  Another factor that influences
the collectability is whether they're deceased.

The latter part of the 20th Century will surely go down in
history as The Period of Ridiculous and Indulgent Inventions:
Without a doubt Wonder Sauna Hot Pants
will be in some futuristic collection.

On a personal note, please allow me a rare moment of indulgence today as I wish my smart, accomplished, witty and beautiful daughter, Brynna, the very happiest of birthdays.  Even as I type this she's winging her way to Chicago on a business trip.  She's as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside.  Brynn, we love you so much and hope your special day is fun!


  1. What fun treasures....but the best you saved for last...your daughter is a beautiful treasure...the kind that are just as beautiful wrong side out are the best. Happy Birthday.

    1. Thanks, Wanda. She has been such a blessing and brought us so much happiness.