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June 3, 2014

Have you read HGTV's recent article titled
Before reading the article I was aware of several common decorating errors - hanging pictures too high on the wall, pushing furniture up against a wall instead of 'floating' it, etc. 
But what tickled me was their No. 1 Decorating Mistake:  fake flowers and plants!
Are you kidding me?  Take a look at some of my nominations for the
#1 decorating mistake and then tell me how you feel about fake flowers:

Edgy and sleek, this studio apartment features the ultimate in
the Murphy Bed concept.  But would you want to sleep under a
suspended slab that could crush you in your sleep?

The 70s called.  They want their clam shell back.

 Ah, look.  A slice out of the plastic sofa cake
becomes the ottoman.  Only if you're into anime.
(The imitation chocolate candy bar
floor does look delicious, though.)
Yup, that's a bat.  As in bat wallpaper.

A wall clock made from designer sneakers, anyone?
Vintage 1971 repurposing photo:
Or as I refer to it: How Men Decorate
Did someone try to repurpose a
tuba into a . . . . never mind.
We all know that privacy is so over-rated.
Layers in hair styles are good.
Layers in bathroom design are bad.
Kind of gives new meaning to the term throne.
At first I thought that was a door knob but on closer
inspection it appears to be a shower faucet handle.

And the Winner for the Biggest Decorating
Mistake that done of us can avoid: 
 The irritating and almost unavoidable cluster of
electronic wires that are a part of our lives.

After viewing these, which do you think is the biggest decorating mistake?
So, HGTV, about those fake flowers . . . . .


  1. All I know is want the Shell Sed for my guest room !
    Fabulous !

    cheers, parsnip

    1. It's definitely unique and would probably be a big hit with guests.

  2. Can't find fault with the bat wallpaper...The rest? well, best left alone

    1. I kind of thought the bat wallpaper was interesting in a gothic way. Compared to the other examples, it's almost normal.

  3. They are all awful , the show clock would work in a boys bedroom ???
    those toilets take the prize LOL