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June 2, 2014

Happy June, everyone!

On this Repurposeful Monday we're going to look
at some adorable upcycling ideas for the garden.
How adorable would this clay pot
wreath be on a potting shed?
Little ones would love to help paint this yard art.
This might be one of the most clever repurposing
garden ideas I've ever stumbled across:
Bricks painted to look like books!
They make interesting patio accent pieces or
can be used as edging around the garden.
Last Summer I posted a similar photo of a
garden hose wreath.  Adorable, isn't it?
Love the ladybug!
An old bird bath can develop cracks and no longer hold
water.  When that happens turn it into a planter.

A vintage scale and a coffee tin
make an excellent bird feeder.
Looking for an unusual outdoor clock idea?  Found it!
Storing garden hoses can be a messy undertaking.
A washing machine tub was spray painted
copper and turquoise (for instant patina)
and is perfect for keeping the hose untangled.
A broken old level and keys were
used to make a wind chime.
Yard art or wind chime? 
Horse shoes make great crate handles.
Paint can lids were stenciled and
hung with thrift store frames.
An extra large mailbox is perfect
for storing backyard garden tools.
I can't imagine how much this cast iron stove
weighs but I'd love to have it in the garden.
One lump or two?!
Dress up your outdoor space with a candelabra planter.
From an oops to an ahhhhh:
Turn broken china into beautiful garden stones
with this brilliant tutorial at Over the Big Moon.

Thanks for stopping by.  I hope you
enjoyed today's upcycled garden ideas.


  1. Replies
    1. I'm always impressed by how people can reuse something in a completely new and unique way.

  2. Lots of good ideas. I really like the bird feeders. I also like the garden stone made from broken China, sometimes the pieces are just too nice to throw away.

    1. When my daughter moved across country a few years ago several pieces of her china were broken. I think I'll help her make some of these garden stones out of the broken pieces. Inherited china has too many memories to throw away the shards but you really can't do much with them except to use them as mosaic pieces.