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June 20, 2014

Thanks for stopping by.  Before & After Friday is back after a two week break!

The before photo, left, of a San Diego Mid-Century home was taken in 1966.
The after photo, right, shows the contemporary decor of the current owners:
Thankfully, the owners have preserved the integrity of this California beauty.

Sometimes the best renovations start in a gutted room:

This attic bedroom definitely had potential:

A beautiful transformation: 
Country Living

It's hard to believe that this after bedroom started out so dreadful: 
Before                                                          After 

Small changes can have a huge impact:
Before                                                        After

Who would have thought that this desk:

. . . . . could become this desk:
Live, Love, DIY

These next two projects are almost unbelievable.  Their secret?  Not only were these pieces stripped, sanded, stained and painted, legs were also added to them: 

A Mid-Century Modern desk was
sanded and the doors were taped:

The tape was removed after the desk was painted white.  What
a charming and contemporary addition to any office:
A $12 painting was purchased for the frame:
Before                                                  After

It's getting harder and harder to find
vintage luggage at reasonable prices:

If you run across one, grab it up!

This pair of chairs needed a "perk-me-up":
Cute, cute, cute!

A Goodwill chair was re-painted, re-covered and re-appreciated:
Before                                                After

A $7 thrift store find was turned into a trendy accent table:
Before                                                      After

Yard sales are great places to find used play cars:
Before                                           After
Here are a few more play cars with new paint jobs:
A plastic laundry detergent bottle and a vacuum cleaner
attachment were used to make a darling gas can.

I hope that today's Before & After photos will inspire you to take on a renovation project of your own.  Have a great weekend!


  1. I ♥♥♥ all the before and afters...some just blow me away!

  2. What a great post today !

    cheers, parsnip

  3. The Country Living bedroom has my heart...

  4. Love before and afters. That pink desk caught my eye. Cute cars for the kids.

  5. Love all the photos you posted today but the kids toys are the most fun! What a great idea to update or even change one from a boy to a girl or the other way. Keep using things as long as they work!