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April 22, 2014

Trees are our best antiques. 
                         - Alexander Smith, Scottish poet and essayist

Welcome to fleaChic's tribute to International Earth Day.
Join me as we take a photographic nature walk to admire

The Majestic Tree.

The Majesty Oak on the Fredville Estate Park,
Kent, England, is believed to be 500-600 years old.


"The creation of a thousand forests lies in one acorn."
------Ralph Waldo Emerson


No two trees are alike, they each
have their own distinct personality.
The Beldam

Whimsical Nothing

 Whimsical Epiphany
Trees anchor us to withstand the turbulence of time.

Trees are tenacious -
Turnip Rock, Port Austin, Michigan

They grow and prosper in the most inhospitable of places.

A tree can be a message board of memories and love:

The Guardian
In 1995, Winston Howes planted thousands of oak trees on a 6 acre
track outlining the shape of a heart in memory of his late wife, Janet.
For many years his neighbors weren't aware of his loving gesture until
a hot air balloonist photographed the symbol from above.

Petit Cabinet de Curiosities
Trees are known for their tolerance of all races and
religions, welcoming gnomes and fairies alike.


Full Bloom

Trees provide shelter from the elements.  They shield us from
the scorching sun in Summer and the freezing winds of Winter.


The Beldam

The Tree House Company, Milan, Italy


Tree of Freedom

Vintage Rose Garden

Trees selflessly provide homes to both humans and animals.

Mark Bridge Photography

 Thoughtful homeowners accommodated the
trees when they fenced in their property.

L'Acte Gratuit 
Trees have a sense of humor.

Books 'n Buildings
But I doubt that they appreciate the irony of cutting
down a tree to create books and posters about trees.

Even when they're technically no longer
living, trees can still have a purpose.


Legend states that a young Englishman left his bicycle
chained to a tree when he left to fight in WWII.

Not My Beautiful Home
Trees can be at home in just about any environment.

Treasure FieldT
Trees are content to showcase beautiful creatures.

And, unlike humans, trees don't complain about the weather.


Humble Bumble

Trees are quite flexible.



They're happiest when nurturing their fledgling young.
Angela Madueno

Trees sustain us and uplift us and all they ask is that we leave them
alone to quietly go about their job of keeping all life on Earth alive.

So, Happy Earth Day.  I'm going outside right now and hug a tree.
(Uhhhhh, does that look like poison ivy to you?)


  1. Such a delightful post, and you have sourced such wonderful pictures, so interesting,. Thanks for taking the time to let us see such a wide variety of trees .

  2. Thanks for stopping by. Happy Earth Day!

  3. I enjoyed all your earth day pictures

    1. I love your blog name - Curtains in My Tree - so cute! Thanks for stopping by.

  4. Some amazing trees out there...thanks for sharing, Jan!

  5. The last photo is your yard---and the legendary. Miss Moneypit, isn't it? Another great posting!

  6. Yes, it's Miss Money Pit and there IS lots of poison ivy!

  7. I'm Your newest follower :) Enjoyed this post,I do love trees too.Thank You for dropping by and following Me.

  8. Hi Jan, I came by to return the blog visit and have to add my delight in this post. What a fantastic collection of photos for us tree lovers. We recently had to take down one of our two ancient oaks. It was too near the house and had a lot of dead branches. It was good we did because it was all rotted out on the inside. I hated to lose it but at least it won't fall on the house and we got lots of good firewood.