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April 21, 2014

How was your weekend?  Wonderful, I hope.  And speaking of wonderful,
I have some wonderful repurposing ideas to share with you today.

When is a bowl more than a bowl?
When it's a repurposed sculpture bowl:

Head to the garage to gather the ingredients for this creation:

You'd have to be nuts not to like this bowl:

Recognize the paper towel stand on the left?
Yup, it was a globe stand in a previous life.

What can you do with all of those old
wrist watches you've been saving?
Make a clock out of 'em.

Maybe it's time to make a new clock
out of old watch and clock parts.

A telephone line wire spool top is the base for this huge
wall clock.  (Where did they find face hands that big?!)

What band director wouldn't love to have
one of these clocks in their class room?

I truly believe that you can make a clock
out of just about anything.

The little hour and minute hands are adorable.

Need a quirky side table?
Consider using an old, scuffed up
step ladder or a vintage suitcase.

A homeowner upped the bird feeder cool factor.

This rustic mailbox is now a unique towel holder.
Are those are old railroad nails being used as pegs?
Bliss Ranch

This enchanting corner was created out of pallet wood:

Pallet wood and vintage casters were
used to make this charming bench.

Leave it to Martha Stewart to be
charming AND practical:

You know how you find hand crocheted doilies at
thrift shops and wonder what to do with them?
Disassemble them and put the pieces
back together as a book mark.
(Did you see how I tied in this idea?!)  Groan.

And, lastly, old tennis balls are ideal housing for Harvest Mice:
Conservationists in Gloucestershire, England, set out old balls to
make homes for the little darlings in hopes of boosting their
population at the Slimbridge Wetland Centre.  Love!

Did any of today's repurposing ideas inspire you to try upcycling
every day items in your home?  I hope so and I hope you'll join
me here tomorrow for an Earth Day salute.  


  1. FABULOUS post today !

    cheers, parsnip

  2. Some great ideas for always you find the best of the best, Jan!