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April 17, 2014

If you're getting together with family and friends this weekend you
might have need of entertainment ideas for little ones.  After all,
you can hide eggs only so many times . . . . . . 

#1 Rule of Crafts - they CAN be delicious. (And easy!)

Seriously, how easy are these ideas?
Those bunny kabobs are darling.

Rice Krispie treats are so versatile.  Click here for the original recipe.

I love this idea:
The kids will think you're a genius!

Hand print napkins and place mats are precious keepsakes:
Source                                                                                                Diapers To Diplomas

You might want to add a little bling to your egg hunt:

Decorated Jordan Almonds are adorable
and the chocolate terrariums are brilliant:
So cute.

Put those little hands to work rolling green plastic
forks, knives and spoons in orange napkins:

The Thriving Home offers a tutorial on how to create these adorable Baby Bunnies:
The feet prints crack me up!

I hope today's craft ideas help make your Easter  holiday a little more fun.