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April 16, 2014

Are you entertaining this weekend?  Today's short post might help
make your table a little more festive with a few creative tips.

Surprise your guests with folded cloth napkins:
Click here for a tutorial on how to fold
this darling bunny napkin.

Save lots of money by making your own whimsical centerpiece.

The Dollar Tree is a great source for inexpensive Easter supplies.

And what better time of year to "pink it up?"
Party City

Blue Sky

Paper tissue pompoms and egg garland - precious!

Top Dreamer recently featured beautiful DIY classic ideas:


I like the simple organic approach, too:
Love Grows Wild

Whether you choose formal or funny - better 'hop' to it!


  1. I love the basket with the chocolate bunny atop the greens as well as the photo below it. But it's the Peeps that I am thinking about doing for my Mom. She loves them and we love her : )

    1. My late father always gave us kids Peeps - even after we were grown. I can't help but smile every time I see them at Easter. Good memories!

  2. I loved them all...but my favorite is the last. That cute bunny bottom dangling from that flower pot cracked me up.
    See you soon!

    1. Be careful on your drive up. And don't forget my tumble'd treasures! ha