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March 6, 2014

We've all mentally kicked ourselves for not having the knowledge in the past to invest in furniture that has increased in value and is sought after by collectors.

So we ask ourselves, "Should I purchase/invest in contemporary
furniture in the hope that it will increase in value?  And what
will be the collectibles of the future?"

Today's post features contemporary custom pieces
that I truly feel will only increase in value.

 Furniture designer Anelise Schroeder grew up in Wisconsin and earned
a B.S. in Studio Art and Design at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.
Her furniture and accessories are based on traditional designs with a
contemporary twist:

The Kubbe Chair
Schroeder's Kubbe Chair is a contemporary version of a
historic Norwegian chair - a kubbestol - a traditional design
dating to the Middle Ages.

Made of cherry, the Beam Table is Schroeder's exploration of
lines and movement through articulated, hand cut joinery:

Anelise Schroeder

Overgaard & Dyrman is a contemporary furniture design and
manufacturing company located in Copenhagen, Denmark:
Overgaard & Dyrman
O&D specialize in pieces constructed from metal, woods, and leather.

The Silk Chair by Alvi Design
Alvi Design
Alvi Design was established in 2007 by Asa Karner and is located in
Stockholm.  According to Karner the company's aim is, "in a playful
way to combine and push the limits between modern, functional
design, art and handicraft from different cultures."  

The Meridian Kulle by Stefanie Schissler
ArchiDesign Club
Emphasizing our sensitivity to texture, German designer Stefanie Schissler created a soft and appealing bench.  Inviting to the touch, the padded seating is comfortable and ergonomically efficient.

The Chelsea is a custom sofa offered by Room & Board, manufactured in America, and reasonably priced at $2,000.

Additional pieces in The Chelsea collection
include a custom chaise for $1,300:

The Luna by Stêphane Garreau
French designer Garreau resurrected the day-bed concept in an oval frame.

The Dare Studio of London is a family-run business that specializes in handcrafted furniture and lighting with heavy influences of Mid-Century Modern.
 The Katakana Lounge Chair and the Katakana Sofa

The Dixon Modular Storage Unit by Sean Dare

The Zephyr Bedframe, Dare Studio

So if you're interested in investing in custom furniture that's sure to become collectible in the future consider well-made, handcrafted pieces that are constructed from quality materials.


  1. I love it, too - and the Silk Chair. So interesting.