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March 25, 2014

Can you imagine building a house for spite?  Maybe to get "even"
with city planners?  Revenge against noisy neighbors?  Or just
because you're mean as a hungry snake?

Today's post features property owners who did just that -
built houses out of Spite.

The Hollensbury House, Alexandria, Virginia
 Built in 1830, this little blue townhouse measures only 7 feet wide.
The ornery owner of the property on the right built the tiny abode to
keep people from cutting through the alley behind his house.

The Tyler House, Frederick, Maryland
The owners of this Frederick lot quickly poured the foundation of a
large house to prevent the city from installing a road through his property.

Urban legend states that a pair of brothers inherited the original house
that sat on this oceanfront lot.  Dissatisfied with the division of the estate,
one of the brothers added the peculiar shaped addition to the house
to block his brother's view of the water.

The Skinny House, Boston, Massachusetts
The Skinny House is the result of another inheritance dispute.
Unhappy with the division of the Boston property one brother built
a slim townhouse to block the sunlight from his brother's house
which was torn down years ago.

The O'Reilly House, Cambridge, Massachusetts
Francis O'Reilly was mad at the owners of the land adjacent to his lot
so he built a tiny 8 ft wide house to diminish the value of their property.

Over 100 years ago the city of Alameda, CA, appropriated the
majority of this lot in order to build a street.  To show his contempt
at "the powers that be" the land owner built a 10 ft wide house on
the sliver of land that was left.

It's hard to imagine the frustration the owners of today's featured properties
felt when they constructed their houses.  Click here for a few more homes 
that were built out of spite.

Tuesday's Miss Money Pitt Update:

Luckily, Bob and I aren't frustrated with city officials or stubborn neighbors (our neighbors are wonderful.)

I was going to post some photos of the upstairs bedrooms after the refinishers completed the hardwood floors but decided to wait until the shoe molding is installed.  S-l-o-w-l-y the house is coming together and we're working hard to maintain our focus and stay on schedule.


  1. Very interesting! It's amazing what some people will go to the trouble to do out of meanness.

  2. Amazing what people will do to spite someone!

  3. Wow....they sure turned out cute...if I was a neighbor I wouldn't be too fact...I'd be inspired!