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March 28, 2014

On this Before & After Friday I have 2 goals:  share some
miscellaneous and amazing B&A projects with you and clean
out a few of the thousands of photos I've collected.

This first example of a successful makeover involved one
simple and inexpensive technique - the floor was stenciled:
A great alternative to tile or laminate, isn't it?

The addition of a porch completely transformed this house:

Oh, louvered doors, you're the bane of my existence:
Beneath My Heart
Love, Love, Love this idea!

You might not want to go to the expense of replacing closet
doors but just painting them can make a huge difference:
Better After

Because they're such high-traffic areas, foyers and
hallways shouldn't be carpeted.
These photos show the beautiful results when carpet
is replaced with tile:

Absolute Renovations
Great job.

This staircase was a little dated:
The Yellow Cape Cod
Now it's sophisticated and chic.
Two of my favorite conditions!

This staircase renovation isn't complete but you can already see the huge
difference it made just changing out the spindles and staining the bannister:

Okay, one more foyer/staircase B&A and then we'll move on:
Haute Indoor Couture
The hardwood flooring, the paint, the chandelier - it looks
like a completely difference house!

 It really is hard to believe that the befores
became the afters in the next two projects:
Before                                                                        After

 Before                                                                        After

As much as I adore additional storage space it was worth
losing the cabinets to enlarge this tiny bedroom:

 The Swedish paint company Colorama shows what a difference
paint techniques can make with a long narrow room:


Sov Gott translates into Sleep Tight!

It never ceases to amaze me what imaginative
people can do with a bare room:
The Uncommon Law
Wow, wee-wow, wow!

You need a lot of courage to take a sledge hammer to a ceiling:
Design Sponge
And you need a lot of vision, too.

If dramatic isn't your style then you might like a more soothing palette: 

 I really have only one word for this next project: YIKES!

Again, vision is an essential element of any renovation.

Have a basement that you'd like to convert to a media room?
Perfect family hangout!

Hang onto your socks 'cause today's last project is gonna' blow them off!
A 1960s split-foyer was given a makeover that took about 50 years off of it:

Simply stunning.  (Pick up your socks.)

Thanks for hanging out with me today.  I hope you were inspired by these
amazing makeovers and will consider tackling a few projects of your own.

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. So look forward to your before/after Fridays! Love, Love, Love your blog!

  2. Your post today was FAB, as always! I am so lucky that you are my BFF.

  3. Oh my, some of these are just stunning. Must take a new look at a few rooms around here!

  4. What a great post! I loved every one of those pics. I think my favorites were the first and last house and each of the bedrooms. Thanks for the great ideas.