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March 10, 2014

I'm feeling a little nautical on this Repurposeful Monday.

What a clever idea - the top portion of an old wood
boat was cut off and is being used as a door frame.

A 1940s boat light was mounted on an antique
tripod to create an industrial-style floor lamp.

An old boat was used as a floating flower bed.

Used boat cleats mounted on weathered wood make a charming coat hook:

Green Home offers shower curtains made from recycled sailcloth from America's Cup boats.  The sails are also used to make bean-bag beds and tote bags.  

A small skiff makes an efficient cooler and party bar.

What a darling sand box!

Chart maps were charmingly turned into a nautical wreath:

Old nautical charts were used to cover books:

Marine signal flags were repurposed into pillow cases.

Old ship lights were converted into lamps:

Old buoys were used to make these nautical lamps:

You can't have a nautical repurposing post without
featuring a beautiful shell covered frame or mirror:

The back of a vintage Crest Line was turned into a nautical bench:

Home DIT recently posted several intriguing uses for discarded canoes:

Vintage canoes make great herb gardens.

This might be one of the most beautiful lodge light
fixtures I've ever seen.  And quite expensive, I'm sure.

Before closing today I'd like to apologize - on Friday I forgot to post a reminder of the time change.  I hope that yesterday you weren't saying, "I'm late, I'm late!  For a very important date!"


  1. By far...the floating flower box is my favorite!

  2. One thing we have in our new place is space. I can't wait to recreate one of those flower filled boats. The sand box is irresistible too. I'm on the hunt for paper repurposing ideas. Our library is having a recycling day as part of Earth Week, drop off your books instead of putting them in the landfill, we will have a lot of material with which to do "something".

  3. I love the floating garden boat! So pretty

  4. Hi
    Normaly I`m a quiet reader of your blog but today I have to give a notice of me :-)
    My husband made 2013 a jewelry attachment for his wifes (me an our daughter) out of a part of an old ship wreck :-)
    We love it!
    Here ist the link mayby you wanna see
    Much regards!

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