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March 27, 2014

Oh, the things we do for our pets.  Afterall, it's their home, too.

This Lab's owners provided a pillow so that
he can gaze out the window in comfort.

Whether you're hanging out of the window or
just sitting pretty, it's nice to pass the day
watching the world pass by in comfort.

R.C. Bridges keeps his pet bison, Wildthing, in the house:
The Telegraph
Sherron Bridges is wearing some type of horn headdress
(maybe to better communicate with Wildthing?)

Oh, what brave pet parents to have a white sofa.
(Tip:  invest in lint rollers!)

Incredible Things
"This is my home, too."

Sweet dreams.

 Apartment Therapy

 My Doma Design

 A thrift store end table was transformed
into a private space for Trixie:

It's to dress up a kennel and use it as a pet supply station.


  1. Some great ideas! In our house we have a designated dog chair for our heeler.

  2. These pictures makes me miss my little pugs more.
    My pugs had their own chairs and beds, and yes they lived here also, ruled the house LOL

  3. Nice ideas here. Not sure we're going to get another cat, but if so I'm definitely going to create its own space using one or more of these.

  4. Oh, this is so sweet! The things we do for our treasured pets! Not sure about the pet bison, though....although I am sure he is sweet, too. My kids tried to bring our pony in the house once but his butt got stuck and he couldn't get in, thank goodness! I don't even remember where I was at the time - probably in the shower! Love that last sentiment - so true. xo Karen