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March 11, 2014

Remember last Fall when Bob and I purchased The Mid-Century Modern Beauty (a.k.a. Miss Money Pitt).?  Well, we're back to work on the renovations and I've decided to also go back to posting some Before & After photos of our progress.

One of the things that attracted us to Miss Money Pitt was the lot - it sits on a wooded hillside that backs up to a protected 90 acre land preserve.  Our only neighbors in the back are deer, raccoons, turkeys, squirrels, and other wildlife.

Here is a glimpse of the back yard when we bought the house:

Here's the back yard today:
 You probably gasped, "What were they thinking?!"

1)  It's still technically Winter, the trees and shrubs haven't budded out so, yes, it does look drab;
2)  We knew that there was an ancient rock garden (boulder garden?!) under all of the ivy and we wanted to uncover it.

We received several bids from contractors for clearing out the back yard.  After recovering from the $hock of the amount$ we decided we'd do it ourselves.  Hello, Aleve and heating pad!

I promise that it will be beautiful (keep telling Bob that) and you'll see regular photos of our progress.  Prayers are appreciated!

In the meantime here is a portrait of Miss Money Pitt:

Actually, this is an oil portrait of an unknown lady from the West Palm Beach area.  It was painted in 1978 by Georgia Warren Waidlich

I found her in a thrift shop several years ago in south Florida, long before we purchased our Forever Home.

I don't know why I had to have her but it seems
appropriate that she's hanging over our mantel.


  1. Wow, that is some project ... but it will be worth it. Looking forward to following your progress ...

  2. That's quite a 'backyard' you have there Jan, fabulous.. here in Australia we are plagued by bushfires in summer so there has to be a fairly substantial fire break between property and bush, do you have similar laws?

  3. Love your backyard...You could make up an interesting story about that Lady..Maybe she haunts the house :)

  4. What potential is lurking in that yard space! Can't wait to see the follow-up photos. I hope you are recovering from all that hard work...

  5. What a great back yard you have. No one behind you is wonderful. What kind of plants are you going to use to hold the soil and keep it from sliding down onto the patio? We are flat, so I have never had to worry about that. Can't wait to see what you put in there. Sending prayers!

  6. Thats a neat rock almost looks like there was a stone house there at one time, just by the way the rocks are placed, it sure has some character, will be looking forward to seeing how you create...God will give you the energy and wisdom I am sure.

  7. The area looks so private and I am sure you will have it sweet and beautiful before you know it.

    Thanks for visiting my blog and following :)

    Pearl 13.1

  8. Yes, the rocks are great -- looking forward to seeing what you do with the area!!