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March 22, 2012

We're going Philosophical today

I often find myself pondering Mysteries of the Universe -

Why are all babies beautiful but not all adults?
Why do married mean women have big diamonds?
What the heck is art?

Contemporary interpretation of female anatomy?

Souvenir from Rome?

Forget the art, I want the Mexican wedding bench.

 Notice the reflective copper ceiling?  Odd but cool.

This piece actually compliments the decor and
is soothing, not disruptive.


Not really appetizing for a dining room, que pensez-vous?

Call me crazy but I'm kind of digging this painting.

Lisa Romerein

Mike McDowell

M.A. Wakeley

Mark Roth, 1968

Stefano Tonchi

Here's my personal opinion on why people buy a specific piece of contemporary art:
1.  Their designer told them to (i.e., an inve$tment)
2.  They are controversial and restless and want to appear 'edgy'
3.  They are deep and abstruse and found an artist with whom they connect
4.  They are happy and carefree and like the pretty colors

Modern art is no different than the other objects with which we surround ourselves - it's an intimate revelation of who we are and what we perceive as worthy of our resources and attention.

Kind of like our children.

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