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March 26, 2012

Let's start the week with a little Inspiration

Mondays can be pretty tricky so let's ease into the week with some
motivational Before and After projects:

The little console table was purchased on Craig's List
quite inexpensively but it looked as if it was part of a
larger unit.  Now it can charmingly stand alone.

LOVE the instant aging patina on this dividing screen.

We've all seen little chests like the one below at
Goodwill and thrift shops: 



You're thinking, "This old 60's record/stereo cabinet
cannot be salvaged."   (I thought so, too.)

Boy, were we wrong!  The parents of a lucky little girl 
turned it into a Sweet Shop for her toy room.

Don't think you can do much with old pre-fab computer 
desk parts and the shell of a 1970's television cabinet?

 Source:  Frank North Designs

Think again - they make a darling playroom kitchen! 
(The 'oven' and cabinet doors are chalkboards.) 

Here's another precious repurposing of an old TV cabinet:

Creativity is an amazing thing!

Speaking of repurposing, here are some more clever ideas:

Old ladders make excellent magazine racks.

The interior of this house was paneled with
wood salvaged from an old barn.  Beautiful.

Another garden use for an old grain scoop.

Got an old cigar box lying around?  Pad it with a little
foam, cut some slits, and display your costume jewelry.

Weathered posts make charming lamps.

We've seen dressers converted into sink cabinets in
bathrooms but this couple just added a marble top and use 
the dresser for additional kitchen counter space and storage.

Old glass telephone line insulators are darling
but mostly just sit around being used as paperweights.
Here's another idea - make them into hanging light fixtures!

Take a second look at objects lying around your house and think 
of ways to reuse them.  Not only is it economical, repurposing
is a charming way to keep salvageable items out of landfills.

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