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March 6, 2012

It's all about our planet, ya'll

Repurposing makes sense on so many levels.  Not only is it financially brilliant, it's great for the
Earth.  Millions of pounds of trash go into landfills every year and, eventually, we're going to have
more trash than we have space to put it.

Admit it - don't you feel clever and thrifty when you discover a new way to use an old item?

How gorgeous are these sturdy antique corbels?
They make a beautiful and unique glass-top desk.

 An old instamatic camera was converted
into a night light for a child's room.

These 'retired' snow skis were used as 
fencing around a mountain cottage. 

 Another darling example of an old suitcase
converted to a pet bed.  Precious.

Don't these vintage suitcases make a charming bedside table?

Ask your local wine shop if they sell the crates that certain
types of wine are shipped in - they're great for herb gardens. 

This is one of the coolest, most original end tables
I've ever seen.  If you decide to use a storage drum,
check to make sure it wasn't used to ship toxins!

 Old suitcases and soda crates are great
sources for storage and organizational tools.

More ideas for repurposing antique milk bottle crates.

Beautiful decanter light fixtures - my local thrift
store has similar bottles for only $2 each!

I'm really not into painting Coca-Cola bottles but
I like this treatment for other types of bottles.

Ever chipped a china plate and didn't want to
throw it away?  Make a necklace out of it:

How darling are these Scrabble tile coasters?  
Perfect for game night.

Another great gift idea - convert your
wine bottle cork collection into coasters:

Well, I guess if I'm going to give these cute
coasters as gifts, I'd better get started on the wine. 
And I feel so good about saving the planet!

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