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March 21, 2012

Let's not forget the Little People

When our children were born we dedicated one of our guest rooms as the nursery.
Back then (eons ago), the basic nursery pallet was white walls with blue accents
for a boy and pink accents for a girl.  Boring.

Nurseries today are imaginative bursts of color, stimulating, and chic:

Before you call DHS and report the parents - they gave
their children stickers and told them to put them wherever
they wanted and to use as many as they wanted.  
Something tells me these parents will be making lots
of court appearances in about 16 years.

Another darling variation of the alphabet wall.

These two nurseries were featured on Stella & Henry - sophisticated
and practical but definitely not your typical nursery.

So bright and cheerful!

Children love to see their names featured in any medium.
Aren't these vintage building blocks darling?  What a practical
solution for having to search for a burp cloth.

Why do I get the feeling that the parents had 3 boys 
before having their baby girl?!

Love the soft pastels - so soothing.

My prediction:  the baby girl who grows up in this room will 
become an attorney, wear lots of pink, and carry a Chihuahua 
as an accessory.

Whether choosing bright colors, muted pastels, or unconventional wallpaper, today's parents
are making their child's nursery a priority in their household decorating scheme.  Well done.

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