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March 23, 2012

Photoshop my house, please!

I ran across a surprising article the other day with pix of an actual decorating magazine photo shoot.  
Professional pictures usually look more polished than most amateur efforts but rarely do we get a
glimpse into the staging of the shots.

The lovely PUBLISHED photo:

The messy  STAGED  shot:
Amazing, right?  Leafing through decorating magazines 
or scanning design web sites I've often wondered if 
photographers 'pimped their crib.'  Yup, they do.

Johanna of Vintage is a professional photographer and designer.  
Take a look at two of her Before & After projects:

A startling transformation and beautiful photography.

Angles and lighting play important parts in getting the perfect shot:

The published photo is light, airy and inviting.

Moving on, let's take a look at a photo diary
of this week's most fabulous Before & After project:

 Pretty sad looking 1960's reproduction 
French Provincial-ish desk.

Tami, at Curb Alert, has a heart of gold and a desire to 
salvage tossed-aside treasures.  Great job and so fleaChic!

Another energetic and imaginative DIYer you must
meet is Gemma of The Sweetest Digs.  Take a look at
the drapes she made from a set of plain IKEA panels:

Stenciling is the bomb.  Love the fresh, new look.

I hope you enjoyed today's brief look at staging and 
Before and After projects.  Have a great weekend!

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