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March 18, 2012

A Decorating Dilemma

There have been decorating conflicts since the first cave woman chose to use bear skin as a rug instead of clothing.  Which prompts the age old question, "How do we balance style vs. practicality?"

Yes, this is a concrete chair.  It is uncomfortable.  It is also ugly. 

This is a concrete sofa.  It is uncomfortable and edgy. 
Literally.  (Rough edges.)

Uber contemporary designs scare me.  If I got up in the middle
of the night to use the facilities I could plummet to my death. 
And I haven't slept on a wooden bed since summer camp.

Aren't these 'sofas' just mattresses on platforms?

Cool? Definitely.  Hip? Absolutely?  Comfortable?  Nope. 

Uncomfortable furniture design isn't a new concept. 
The gilded settee above was discovered in King Tut's
tomb and dates back to 1333 B.C.

About now you're thinking, "She's prejudiced against contemporary design."  
Contrairejuste l'opposé!   I'm prejudiced against interior walls you
have to trim with hedge clippers.

I love white sofas.  So do dogs and little
children with suckers.

I just can't imagine the guys kickin' back and enjoying
March Madness games on this divan. 

Ultimately, personal taste is the key to furniture choices whether
the pieces are functional, comfortable, or just beautiful.

Like marriage, decorating is a compromise business.  

Choose your anchor pieces carefully - at today's prices you'll probably have them for a long time.

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