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January 15, 2016

One of my favorite obsessions is painted furniture.  What better day
to look at before and after photos of painted furniture than on

Before and After Friday?!

Purchased at a Goodwill store, this dresser
needed a lot of repair before being painted:
 Such a beautiful after:

Bedroom furniture doesn't have to stay in the bedroom:
A dated dresser now looks like an antique dry sink.

From ordinary dresser:
 to Nautical Noteworthy:

Start with a new, unfinished dresser and
end with a charming sideboard:

A 1960's French Provincial dresser was
turned into a bathroom vanity:

The decorative trim on this dresser is much
more prominent after being painted:


Here are a couple of examples where dated end
tables were updated with paint treatments:

A French Provincial china cabinet
was charmingly white washed.

After its paint treatment this dresser
is so much more interesting:

A damaged console was given an extended
useful life with a few repairs and a paint job:

With damaged laminate this chest of
drawers was almost beyond salvaging:

A reproduction Mid-Century Modern(ish) dresser was freshened up:

An interesting antique chest of drawers
was painted with a French flavor:

This little desk is so much more interesting
with a coat of black paint:

This Early American hutch was in good condition
and was an ideal candidate for painting:


Damaged antique buffet, before:
 Stunning buffet, after:

There aren't any before photos of these last few
projects but you get the picture!

Paint and stencils:


Etsy Vendor

Etsy Vendor
Etsy Vendor

Etsy Vendor
Most of today's featured projects aren't just colorful, they're weekend-able.
It's so rewarding to get spectacular results in just a couple of days.  Have fun!


  1. Once again a great feast for the eyes and lots of inspiration.

  2. The first dresser is by far my favorite! who would have thought that changing the order of the drawers and the handles and some paint could transform something so outdated to something so hip!! great finds

  3. This is so exciting. It makes me want to go thrift shopping . But I'm afraid there won't be any turquoise left at any store!

  4. How stunning they all are, makes me want to do over all my old furniture now as well loved the pictures, thank you for sharing**