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January 5, 2016

Every person who is interested in decorating and design wonders the same thing - 

"How do I make my home more inviting?"

First, let's take a look at some rooms that are
beautiful but something isn't quite right.
 The setting, above, looks like a lobby in a chic hotel.

This room is super sophisticated but not warm:

This Italian Renaissance-inspired room is lovely but too  busy:

Believe it or not, this is actually a real house:
Never listen to a designer who says, "Let's cover everything in marble tile."

Now let's look at some photos of homeowners, decorators and
designers who have achieved (in my opinion!) The Look.

While we could never have white or light-colored furniture due to our
Technical Assistants (Archie and Boswell), I really like this room.

This room would fall under the category
of a monochromatic palette but I like it:

A little formal but still inviting:


Looks as if someone's been to a flea market, doesn't it?!

We could consult with a dozen different designers and decorators
about what makes a home welcoming and inviting.  And we'd get a
dozen different opinions.  What really matters is what WE think
what makes a home inviting.


  1. The first room under LOOK is my favourite. Lower down the blue sofa would be expensive to replace if you got tired of the colour, however I appreciate the boldness of it. People say my house is cozy which I suspect means cluttered and untidy.

  2. As gorgeous as these homes are.... I happy and content with my little Treehouse apartment. As you have shown so many times, you can make the smallest home comfortable and inviting. I love your posts.

  3. Beautiful rooms, but my favorite is the aqua with green accents...that is gorgeous!

  4. Picture number four is the coldest looking home ever! And a fan is needed? I'll take small and cozy. :)