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January 14, 2016

I'm glad I didn't give up my day job 'cause, sadly, I did not win
the $1.5 Billion Powerball.  It would have been nice to hire
an etiquette coach for Archie and Boswell but they're probably
just as well off without one.

My disappointment at not becoming an overnight billionaire is trivial
compared to the intense sadness at the news of the death of my favorite
actor, Alan Rickman.
Never has their been such a romantic, melancholy love-struck
character as Colonel Brandon in Sense and Sensibility.
Rickman's body of work is impressive and spans the gamut from
stage to films, encompassing drama, historic portrayals, science
fiction and classic literature.  He was an amazing actor and director.

If you aren't familiar with Alan Rickman's films consider renting the
the Harry Pottery movies that followed), Love ActuallyA Little Chaos,
and his last film, Eye In The Sky.
Alan Rickman spent his entire adult life with the love of his life,
wife Rima Horton.  They met when he was 19 and she was 18.
Someone should make a movie about their life.


  1. Totally devastated...such a loss to the film/theatre industry. Sharon

  2. I was so shocked to read this.
    He is one of my favorite actors.

    cheers, parsnip and thehamish