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January 21, 2016

It's time for another What were they thinking?

"It has an amazing view" the Realtor said:

Psychedelic cabinets - the 60's are back:

Well, this idea is an eye-opener:

The pillows, below, remind me of those I'm With Stupid t-shirts.
And why hang pressed shirts in the closet?  Use them as art:

Geometric bathroom tile, anyone?  No.

 Floating stairs.  No rail.  No building code?

These pillows need their own bed:
My husband's rule:  maximum of 4 pillows per bed.

Pom Pom Crafts Gone Wild:

 I love cats . . . . I don't want to sit on them.

With the bazillion pieces of wall art available
popcorn was the decorator's choice?

Hammocks are fine.  It's the gettin' in
and gettin' out that's challenging:

Have you heard of 3-D Epoxy Floors?
I love the beach.  I love marine animals.
Just not in my bathroom.  Not in my kitchen.
Especially early in the morning.

Of course, I've saved the Best Design Fail for last:
Perfect gift for the coffee addict - brew a Cup 'o Joe while
showering.  It even has a soap dispenser!  Just don't mistake
it for creamer.  Tell me it doesn't use recycled bath water.


  1. OMG, I think Hildy of Trading Spaces did some of those rooms!

  2. That's really strange stuff, though I like the KOI in the epoxy... not in the bath or kitchen either... maybe on my patio.

  3. what a hoot seeing all these items, whatever turns you on I guess, still it was fun to see, and I did laugh, so thanks for sharing**

  4. the coffee shower made me laugh !

    cheers, parsnip

  5. The first picture sure brought back a memory of a house we rented in the 60's. It had pink metal cabinets, and red rooster wall paper. This was a fun post. Those floors are creepy.