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July 17, 2015

Today's Before & After Friday features photos of furniture repairs
that we've probably all needed to do at one time or another.

Let's start with a vintage Early American
end table that was scuffed and scarred:

But now it looks almost new:

Here are close-up B&A shots of one of the feet:

The project was accomplished by simply using a polishing
mixture of 3/4 cup canola oil and 1/4 cup vinegar.

A pair of antique piano stools needed a thorough overhaul:



 This antique Mission dresser was almost beyond saving:
Never underestimate the devotion of a true
craftsman and wood aficionado!

It took a brave soul to undertake this project:

This precious tea cart had been abused:
Isn't it wonderful that it received the caring attention it deserved? 

This antique parlor table literally was all to pieces:

A family heirloom was lovingly restored to its former beauty.

Who would have believed that the damaged
laminate could be restored so beautifully?

The back of this beautiful antique rocking chair
was in pieces and needed to be put back together:
Superior craftsmanship!

This secretary had missing pieces and all-around damage:
Before          After
Lovely attention to details.

This chair needed a new cane seat:

Yarn was used instead of expensive
caning material.  Beautiful job!

A pitiful thrift shop chair received
a charming makeover:

This fancy cane dining suite chair was found at Goodwill:

Looks like an entirely different chair, doesn't it?

Did you know that leather can be re-stained?  It's true!

Imagine all of the old leather sofas and chairs that have
been sent to the landfill instead of being saved.

Not only did the refinishers do a great job on the frame
of this chair, the new upholstery is beautiful:
Before              After

Found at an auction, at first glance you might
think this chair wasn't worth taking home:

Think again!

And today's #1 Salvage Project -

Only an experienced professional furniture refinisher
could see the potential in this disaster:
Stunning results.  Simply stunning.

You're right - today's projects were done by professional furniture
refinishers.  But each piece was kept out of the landfill and will
service their owners for many years to come.  Money well spent.


  1. There were some amazing afters favorite is the waterfall vanity, gorgeous piece of furniture. Thanks for sharing, Jan.

  2. Marigene took the words right out of my mouth - some remarkable saves here.