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July 20, 2015

Repurposed . . . . bowling balls?  Yes!

You don't find them at flea markets or thrift shops very
often but if you run across an old bowling ball, grab it!
Bowling balls make excellent garden globes.

Toy creatures purchased at a Dollar Store were
glued to a bowling ball then spray painted.

Larger toy lizards were glued to this ball and it was mounted
on the base of an old floor lamp before being spray painted.

Covered in pennies, this bowling ball sits on a silver
plated chafing dish stand that was found at a flea market.

This globe of pennies has developed a lovely patina.

Adorable bowling ball lady bugs!

The finger holes of this bowling ball were
used as the mouth and eyes of the bug.

This beautiful mosaic bowling ball is mounted
on a lamp base.

Wow - that's a lot of work with such tiny tiles, truly a work of art.

A bowling ball and the base of a bird
bath were covered in mosaic tiles: 

This bowling ball 'totem' was created with
thrift shop glass vases and plates.

These garden people were created with broken pieces of china.

Baseball fans might like to have a tribute to their favorite team.

Garden gazing balls are easier to make than you might think:

Click here for a step-by-step tutorial on how to
turn a bowling ball into a garden gazing ball.

If you're not interested in a bowling ball globe but would like
to add some color to your garden, look at this brilliant idea:
A mosaic pattern was created with broken tiles glued to the top
of a cinder block!  Several of these would make a beautiful border.
(Maybe a fun project for the kids or grandkids
to keep little hands busy this Summer?!)

Thanks for stopping by on this Repurposeful
Monday.  It's just not the same without you!


  1. I have an old bowling ball sitting in my garden right now!
    Plain and dirty but not of long!

  2. Scrolling up and down and being amazed by these bowling ball....well it was just a BALL! HaHa

  3. I have two decorated bowling balls in my back yard already and just found another one at the thrift shop waiting on the floor of my shop for some decorating. They look great in the sun! ha ha ha

  4. I hope I can find a bowling ball-this is such a doable repurposing.

  5. oh no, i am now going to be obsessed with finding a bowling ball!!!

  6. I predict that you and your grandkidlets will be doing this project!

  7. What a wonderful idea.
    There will be a run on bowling balls now.

    cheers, parsnip

  8. The bowling balls are a great idea - even i could do that :)


  9. Omigosh now I want a bowling ball, or two. What fun!