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July 30, 2015

Collecting antique and vintage photographs is a
fun hobby and doesn't take up a lot of space.

Narrowing your collection to a specific subject makes the
hunt for old photographs more interesting.  A trend that is
growing in popularity?  Early 20th century photos referred
to as Paper Moons.

Usually found at carnivals, fairs and arcades, Paper Moons were
travelling photo booths that featured painted crescent-shaped wood
moons on which those being photographed would sit.  Often they
were lifted off the floor making an even more memorable souvenir.

Many early 20th century photography studios
offered a more 'refined' type of moon setting:

What makes this antique black and white photograph
so rare is that it's of kittens and the moon is upside-down.

Antique shops and online auctions are usually the best sources
for niche collections.  But keep your eyes open at estate auctions
and flea markets.  You just never know what you'll run across.

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