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July 9, 2015

Anyone who has ever had to manage it will testify that ivy is one
of the most tenacious of all vegetation.  But it also emits feelings
of nostalgia, tradition and antiquity.

 In less than two months the ivy has almost completely
taken over the roof and chimneys:


 The little pot of English Ivy looks so innocent, doesn't it?

 The best way to remove ivy?  One wall at a time:



It took only a week for the ivy on this building
to 'turn' when the temperature dropped:

Yup, it looks fairly innocent.


  1. I love the looks of an ivy covered building, but know how damaging it is. I have never seen it come off so cleanly as that picture!
    Have a great day, Jan.

  2. Very pretty but to have a building completely cover is very spooky.
    When I lived in California next to the ocean, no ivy for me, the rats and other critters use to live in it.
    Yuck !

    cheers, parsnip

  3. How can anything that is so destructive also be so enchanting and beautiful.
    It has a charm that you can not get from anything else.
    It's like it is on the scale of good and evil . . . which one you think it is?
    It may depend on whether it is invading your home or not:)
    I truly enjoyed your post.
    Connie :)

  4. The second picture looks like a scene from Phatom of the Opera

  5. Hello ! =D
    I have to say... I LOVE Ivy , maybe the reason can be my 'gothic' teenager roots? =P
    .. Who knows , but I really love it !

  6. Yes, it's very tenacious and invasive. We had it on our garage with a boundary wall. Our neighbour put ivy in on their side and it took over. We keep it cut well back on our side.


  7. I don't often comment, but love reading your blog. And this post - really touched me! When we moved into our old cottage the fences were covered in 3 foot thick ivy. Everyone said it was bad, dark evil faerie stuff and should be removed. So we hacked away like The Price getting through the briar woods to find Sleeping beauty. Hard dusty work. Two years later? It's all back and we have decided it's actually rather nice ..... we are just going to keep it in check now and love it. Your images are wonderful!

  8. My husband is very diligent about cutting back the ivy so it doesn't take over the front of our house. At the college where I worked, they eventually removed all the ivy from campus buildings. I was very sad about looked so reassuring and historic and traditional, but it was eating away at the bricks and mortar. Sigh.