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July 28, 2015

The financial Impact of Eliminating a Spider

As you know 99% of my posts are about decor - usually vintage
or antique items of interest.  But my blog also deals with 'a
thrifty attitude of savings' (see #3 in the column to the right.)

Today I'm addressing a subject that concerns us all - spiders.
Or, rather, the cost of eliminating spiders.
Rule:  The only 'good' spider is a dead spider.

Every woman knows that a house spider isn't truly, completely dead
until it's been stomped, squished and flushed down the commode.  As I
recently had cause to eliminate a spider it got me to thinking:
how much does it cost to flush a spider?

Nationwide, the average cost to flush the toilet is 2/5ths of a cent.

I appreciate the concepts of water rationing and conservation
but to have the peace of mind that the spider is truly, completely
gone is worth it at twice the price.  Flush away, ladies.  Flush away!

But there are other alternatives . . . . .

Yup, flushing.  Definitely flushing.

1 comment:

  1. No flushing just stomped and tossed in the trash.
    I live in the southwest and many of us try to not waste water.
    Love the photo !

    cheers, parsnip